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How to Cite a Dissertation APA

APA referencing style is a standard academic writing style used when writing various academic papers such as APA dissertation citation, term papers research papers and many more f

How to cite a dissertation APA

Well, your assignment requirements state- Reference using APA style. After reading the statement you scratch your head asking yourself, what does APA dissertation citation mean? Why should I do it? How do I do it? Then your attitude towards the assignment takes a turn. You know what happens when you don’t trust yourself when doing an assignment. However, don’t panic because here is the solution to your questions.

Academic writing involves many referencing styles and APA is on one of them. It is an abbreviation for the American Psychological Association. It is the most commonly used referencing style because it is simple, easy to understand. When your professor states that you use a certain referencing style, it is professional to follow the directive. The reason as to why you are asked to present your work in APA reference dissertation is because, when an academic paper is referenced, the writer uses a standard style to recognize the source from where the information in your assignment is borrowed from. By referencing you acknowledge the ideas and the words you use in your assignment. It is both morally and legally to do so because failure to use APA style dissertation leads to plagiarized work. Academic paper writing advocates for paraphrasing the information which the writer has researched and read.

Paraphrasing means rewriting in your own words what you read from another author. If you directly copy someone’s words without changing anything and acknowledging that you used their ideas, then you could be accused of infringing on their copyright. Therefore referencing standards begins by understanding that you are borrowing ideas from someone else, and you must rephrase them by rewriting them in your own words. All referencing styles advocate for rephrasing

Now on how to cite a dissertation APA, you as a writer have two main parts which you are to reference. The first part is showing within your written work the sources of your ideas and information that you include in your assignment. Remember, your assignments rely on researches that have been done by other scholars. This is known as the in-text citation, citing in text, or text citations. The other part in APA citation dissertation is where you are required to do citations is the reference list or the bibliography. This is the list usually at the end of your paper. The list captures all details of sources you have cited in your dissertation citation APA. The list must appear in an alphabetical list on its separate page, usually the last page of your assignment.

When you are citing in-text APA dissertation format, this is the format. You use the author’s last name followed by the year of publication. The name and the year are separated by a comma. For example

The APA dissertation format is widely used in academic writing (Rowland& Rose, 2019)


Rowland& Rose (2019) state the APA dissertation format is widely used in academic writing


The APA dissertation format is a referencing style and Rowland and Rose (2019) emphasize it is widely used in academic writing

The referencing list would look like this

Rowland, N., & Rose, E. (2019). Understanding APA referencing (12th ed.). United States: Academic writing

Three or more authors

Research work can be defined as a method of systematically creating new knowledge or a systematic way to verify already existing knowledge (Watson, McKenna & Cowman, 2008).

Research work can be defined as a method of systematically creating new knowledge or a systematic way to verify already existing knowledge (Watson et al., 2008).

Reference list

Watson, R., McKenna, H.,& Cowman, S (Eds.). (2008). Nursing research: Designs and

Methods. Edinburgh, Scotland: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

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Excellent Advice on How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Get the best guidelines to enhance your writing skills on the dissertation proposal for your university studies. Learn how to write a perfect research paper

Tips on How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Want to write your research proposal but have no clue on how to do it? Don’t worry! By the time you finish reading this article, you would have know how to handle it. First, note that this proposal is a summary indicating the purpose and objectives of your proposed research. Also, it is your preliminary draft on which your supervisor forms an opinion about your document upon which he/she advises you on how to improve on it. The primary goal of the proposal is to convince the research committee that your dissertation is unique and can add value to the already existing literature. The conditions for writing this paper differ from one doctoral programme to another. To be precise on how to craft your document, it is vital to get clear instructions and guidance from your supervisor. In a nutshell, the proposal is essential because of the following:

  • It is a blueprint to guide you in your research writing process.
  • A research paper which provides your readers with information on how your dissertation will be.
  • It makes you get focused on writing your thesis within the set budget and time.

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Before you start writing your document, it is crucial to organize and plan well so that you may not go off the track during your writing process. You should find out the dissertation proposal format and styles of your school for your guidance. In addition to that, you should acquaint yourself with your department’s approval process so that you may prepare to defend your proposal during the conference. The following tips will help to write an excellent paper:

  • Familiarize yourself with your department’s rules governing the writing of your plan. Follow the regulations to the letter so that you may succeed in your writing. You may get information regarding the laws governing the writing of your proposal from your institution’s website.
  • Confine your writing to the time stipulated by your school: Before you start working on your paper, find out the time required to finish it.
  • Adhere to your department’s guidelines on the length of your paper. The range of your proposal might be the number of words or the number of pages.
  • Create a structure for your project based on your school’s guidelines. You can also consult your supervisor for guidance on how to go about it.
  • Format your paper based on your university’s specifications.
  • Get assigned supervisors to guide you during the writing process. The role of the supervisor is to review your proposal and offer you constructive criticism to make your document to be of high quality. Furthermore, his/her primary function is to advise you on areas to improve. Therefore, take into consideration the changes suggested by your advisor.

Recommended Dissertation Proposal Template

A dissertation proposal template is an outline of your proposed study and can vary from one department to another. The following is a highlight of parts of a dissertation proposal outline:

  • Title: In this section, the topic is clearly stated
  • Statement of the problem: The problem is reported clearly; either verbally or through questions
  • Background: It gives an overview of previous studies. It provides readers with information about your topic.
  • Justification of the study: Shows why your research is essential and what new knowledge you will contribute.
  • Literature Review: Help to show the relationship between the proposed research and the previous ones.
  • Methodology: Shows the procedure that shall be used to carry out the study
  • Work Plan: Specifies your study time frame
  • Bibliography: This part shows a list of references used in your study
  • Appendices: These are annexure supporting your research

What to Consider in Selecting a Dissertation Proposal Example

Looking for a dissertation proposal example? There are many examples out there, but you should be careful when selecting the right one for writing a dissertation proposal. Ensure that the one you choose has the proper structure as recommended by your school.

Do you want a dissertation proposal help? If you are not conversant with drafting this paper, it is advisable to consult a professional writing service.

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Guide to Writing A perfect Psychology Research Paper

Are you in need of professional assistance to write a psychology research paper? Here are some guidelines, ideas and tips on how to write a psychology research paper.

How to Write an Excellent Psychology Research Paper

When writing a psychology paper, your goal is to present factual knowledge supported by current research. A psychology research paper often captures the evolving nature of consciousness (human mind).

The first time of writing a psychology research paper always seems overwhelming. Struggling to identify a suitable psychology research paper example? Sometimes, identifying a good topic is more cumbersome compared to the real writing. Things become easier as well as less stressful when you know how to start the writing process. Luckily, there are many places and websites you can find motivation so that you can get started ones you have identified a suitable topic.

Do not worry if you have trouble writing a psychology research paper. Have a look at our collection of psychology research paper ideas and topics to increase your creativity and encourage your writing. When you follow these tips, you will easily organize your research paper and boost your writing skills.

Writing a psychology research paper can originally be intimidating. However, it becomes easier if you break the topic into more adaptable steps. The common psychology topics for research paper assignments include pro-social behavior, attitudes, social cognition, discrimination and prejudice, leadership, love and attraction, personality perceptions, social control, non-verbal communication and propaganda. These research topics are good for college students. You can get information for psychology research paper from periodicals, online databases, psychology magazines and peer-reviewed journal articles.

You can write a psychology research paper by following a step by step guide. To write an excellent psychology research paper, take into account these steps:

  • Determine the type of paper that you would like to write about
  • Select the best topic or idea from the available topics
  • Find suitable references and develop an operational research method
  • Evaluate the sources, including books, periodicals and journal articles
  • Write a good paper outline
  • Write the draft, revise it and edit it for submission
  • Include a working reference/bibliography

Writing a psychology research paper is sometimes hard for most students. Therefore, follow the above mentioned steps to help you write a high-quality paper faster.

There are various psychology topics for research paper writing. The trick is to identify an appropriate and up-to-date topic before you can begin writing the paper. Given the wide nature of psychology as a subject, you need to come up with an idea which allows you to sufficiently cover the topic without being overwhelmed by too much information. Additionally, address all instructions regarding the psychology research paper format.

As you start your question to search for a topic that suits your psychology essay, consider the instructions and guidelines provided by your instructor. In general psychology class, instructors may give you the opportunity to choose any topic. In other cases, the instructor may instruct you to write your paper following a specified psychology research paper outline. You should always follow the proposed psychology research paper format to avoid any problem.

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